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The United States 100 dollar bill is the largest denomination of currency in circulation in the world. As of April 2020, there were approximately 11.7 billion $100 bills in circulation, making up about 30% of all US currency. The $100 bill is also the most counterfeited bill in the world, with more than $250 million in fake bills removed from circulation each year.


The design of the $100 bill has undergone several changes over the years, most notably the addition of security features to deter counterfeiting. The most recent redesign was unveiled in 2013 and includes a number of new features, including a 3-D security ribbon and a portrait of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. In this blog post, we will take a look at the history of the $100 bill and its design evolution, as well as some of the interesting facts and anecdotes about this iconic piece of American currency. The design of the US 100 dollar bill has changed several times over the years. The most recent design, which was introduced in 1996, features a portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the front of the bill and a depiction of Independence Hall on the back.




One of the most interesting things about the US 100 dollar bill is its design. There are a number of different elements that come together to create the overall look of the bill.

The first thing you’ll notice is the color scheme. The background of the bill is green, with a white border around the edge. In the center of the bill, on the front side, is a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Above his head are two numbers: “100” and “USA”.

On the back side of the bill, in the center, is an image of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. To the left and right of this image are images of patriotic symbols: an eagle on one side and a bundle of arrows on the other. At the bottom of the back side is another counterfeit deterrent: a series of micro-printed words.

All in all, these design elements come together to create a unique and recognizable look for the hundred dollar bill.


The United States 100 dollar bill is the highest denomination of currency in circulation in the United States.  Some of the security features of the 100 dollar bill include:
1- A watermark that is visible when held up to light
2- A security thread that glows under ultraviolet light
3- Microprinting around the portrait and border
4- A color-shifting inkwell on the number “100” on the obverse
5- A 3-DSecurity Ribbon composed of images of bells and 100s that change color when tilted
These security features make it very difficult for counterfeiters to produce convincing copies of the 100 dollar bill.


The US 100 dollar bill is one of the most iconic pieces of currency in the world. Though it is no longer in circulation, it remains an important part of American history. The design of the bill has changed very little over the years, and it continues to be an recognizable symbol of the United States.


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